The Center


The Science Diplomacy Center has three major areas of focus: EducationResearch and Leadership.

It aims at educating the next generation of science diplomats, generating academic work in the field of science diplomacy and providing leadership in supporting & developing science diplomacy networks.

The center draws on expertise from natural and social scientists, negotiation experts, government officials, business leaders and community representatives to produce options (without advocacy) that contribute to informed decisionmaking.

Through its leadership, education and research activities, the Science Diplomacy Center applies science diplomacy as a holistic informed decisionmaking process to address issues, impacts and resources across as well as beyond sovereign jurisdictions. This involves promoting inclusive dialogues among allies and adversaries alike, integrating time-space evidence across natural and social sciences as well as indigenous knowledge; and transboundary application of governance mechanisms.

Please watch this short interview of Prof. Paul Arthur Berkman, Director of the Science Diplomacy Center by Fletcher School Dean James Stavridis, highlighting the Center’s work: