Science Diplomacy Dialogue Series

Dialogue series with Professor Paul Arthur Berkman sponsored by the Science Diplomacy Center and the Russia and Eurasia Program at The Fletcher School

  • Globally Interconnected Civilization | Wednesday, September 26 2018| 12:30-2pm | Cabot 102 | Click here
  • Informed Decision Making for Sustainability | Wednesday, October 10 2018| 12:30-2pm | Murrow Room, Goddard 210 | Click here
  • The Arctic Case Study | Wednesday, October 17 2018| 12:30-2pm | Cabot 102 | Click here
  • Capstone Project Enhancement with Holistic Integration | Wednesday, November 14 2018| 12:30-2pm | Murrow Room, Goddard 210 | Click here

Learn about the theory, skills and methods to apply science diplomacy, considering science broadly as the ‘study of change’ to include the natural sciences and social sciences as well as Indigenous knowledge, all of which reveal patterns, trends and processes (albeit with different methds) that become the bases for decisions.  For background reading, please see: