Outer Space

Open Skies Policies in Astronomy: The Growing Need for Diplomacy on the Final Frontier (Jean-Christophe Mauduit, Ph.D.)

Astronomy and diplomacy have always been interwoven, from early international scientific collaboration and the first international NGOs in the twentieth century to twenty-first-century multinational projects and the rise of global astronomy organizations. The growing scale and cost as well as the need for cutting-edge technology have necessitated larger numbers of partners in astronomy collaborations. As a consequence, observing time on telescopes is being divided among various national users. Today, the astronomy community is thus nearing a shift regarding its global, inclusive character, and its own internationalization could have important ramifications for open access to astronomical facilities. This paper explores issues related to international funding of large astronomical facilities and the associated role for diplomacy.

Please access the entire paper here: http://www.sciencediplomacy.org/article/2017/open-skies-policies-in-astronomy