International Science Council (ISC) Appoints New Fellows

The International Science Council (ISC) announced on 19 December 2023 that it has appointed 100 new ISC Fellows, in recognition of outstanding contributions to promoting science as a global public good. 

The Fellowship is the highest honour that can be conferred on an individual by the International Science Council.  Together with the 123 individuals that were appointed in 2022, the new ISC Fellows will support the ISC Council in its mission at a critical moment for science and sustainability for science as we enter the UN’s International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development (IDSSD) in 2024.

The new ISC Fellows include eminent social and natural scientists, engineers and thought leaders who have made impactful contributions to science and society.  They hail from different countries and regions, disciplines, sectors and career stages; having been nominated by ISC Members and existing Fellows, and by partners such as the InterAcademy Partnership.

As Professor Terrence Forrester, Chair of the Fellowship Council, explained,

“The ISC Fellowship recognizes individuals who are ambassadors and advocates working tirelessly for science internationally and for the vital importance of evidence-informed policymaking.  ISC Fellows hail from wide-ranging geographies, sectors, disciplines and career stages, and we look forward to working with them all in multiple capacities in the coming months and years.”  

Prof. Paul Arthur Berkman, Founder of the Science Diplomacy Center™, is among the ISC Fellows elected in 2023.