The Science Diplomacy Center aims at generating academic work in science diplomacy, advancing the field both theoretically and in practice. The Center produces a Serial, “Science Diplomacy Action“.

In addition to the Serial, Center members are actively involved in research in various peripheral thematic fields that include elements of science diplomacy, such as Arctic diplomacy, Water diplomacy, Disaster-Risk Diplomacy or Space diplomacy.

The center aims at supporting student-led science diplomacy research across an array of institutions:

Science-Diplomacy Theses

“Capstone” research initiated by masters degree students at The Fletcher School to produce rigorous theses about the application of science diplomacy to build common interests among nations.

Science-Diplomacy Projects

Directed research projects to build science-diplomacy initiatives at Tufts University, learning with others across the field of science-diplomacy, starting with analyses of:

  • Science-diplomacy syllabi compiled by the AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy;
  • Diverse decision-making forums where evidence from the natural and social sciences is involved with building common interests among nations.

Science-Diplomacy Summer Internships

Summer science-diplomacy internships at Tufts University and in collaboration with associated organizations (e.g., AAAS, INGSA, ICSU, S&TDC) regarding the:

  • Application of the decision-support process to address issues, impacts or resources crossing or extending beyond national jurisdictions
  • Integration of natural and social sciences to provide evidence that contributes to options for sustainable infrastructure development;

Preparation of methodologies for science-diplomacy training of diplomats, as reflected by the ‘Vienna Dialogue’ and in view of lessons from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) as well as the Global Masters of Arts Program (GMAP) for executive education at The Fletcher School.